How to Prepare a Moroccan Hammam at Home?

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

Moroccan Hammam is one of the best procedures that can be done to take care of your body, it is a traditional deep skin cleansing bath.

Moroccan hammam has a great benefits in terms of health and beauty at the same time:

  • It works to remove the dead cells accumulated on the skin.
  • Works to purify the body of a lot of toxins by removing excess water from the body.
  • Plays a large role in the loss of weight and dissolving fat deposited on the joints.
  • Activates blood circulation, and gives a sense of vigor and vitality.
  • Calms the nerves and reduces tension.
  • Removes the effects of stress and fatigue.
  • Preserves youth and vitality of the skin.
  • Increases the freshness and softness.
  • Remove dirt and prevent clogged pores, including pimples and blackheads, stimulate collagen production and get rid of dry skin.

how can we do Moroccan hammam at home?

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the Moroccan bath, you must provide the necessary and comfortable environment and for that follow the steps below:

  1. Pick the right time :

    For most of us taking a bath is a purely functional operation, a “let’s get this done” kind of thing.  We all lead busy lives, so we have to plan our day efficiently, including our bathing routine,but just because we take shower daily or even twice a day doesn’t mean we remove dead skin from our bodies.Taking a Moroccan bath will require at least 30 min and preferably at night , so pick the right time for you to get a good and enjoyable Moroccan hammam experience.

  2.  What you need to get a perfect hammam experience

    One of the keys to enjoy the benefits of the hammam is by keeping the body hydrate by drinking water, and you will need following products and materials.

    • Moroccan black soap(beldi soap).
    • Moroccan ghassoul clay.
    • Moroccan glove(kissa).
    • Henne.
    • Moroccan Rose Water.
    • Argan oil.
  3. Preparation

    • Mix ghassoul clay with small amount of hot water to dissolve it. Ghassoul can be used for face, hair and body and it can be applied before taking shower or at the end of the shower.For face the mixture should be like a face cream, but for hair i prefer it a little runny.
      For face: Mix one or two tsp of ghassoul clay with hot water and add drops of argan oil, a few drops o lemon juice if your skin is not sensitive and an amount of rose water apply the mixture on your face before starting hammam and allowed to dry 15-20 min.
      For hair: according to the length of your hair mix ghassoul clay with hot water and add 1 tsp of argan oil, the mixture should be a little runny and apply from tips to root, and put your hair under a shower cap.
      you can apply only argan oil as a deep conditioning before getting in the shower.
    • To create a steam bath use the smallest bathroom in the house, shut the door and don’t forget to close any small areas.The bathroom should have a water heater because we need hot water.Fill the hot bath with warm water until the bath is saturated with steam(or pour hot water for a while to create steam).The steam will helps to stimulate the pores and absorb soap as much as possible, leading to a deep exfoliation.
    • Sit in the steam bath for at least 5 minutes, use a stool you can sit on and enjoy your Moroccan hammam, pour warm water all over your body until it becomes moisten.
    • Apply black soap in a circular motion. Start with your legs, moving up to your arms and neck. Leave the soap on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    • It’s time for the exfoliating mitt! Wet the glove in hot water, apply a small quantity of the soap again, and start rubbing you skin up and down or in circular motion.
      Give yourself a good scrub as this is meant to be deep exfoliation. Be careful and don’t overdo it as well or you might bruise your skin
    • After finishing the exfoliation, start taking a warm bath and rinse the soap away from the body.
    • Rinse your hair very good from ghassoul clay
    • the last step in Moroccan hammam is ghassoul clay for the body.Mix ghassoul clay with rose water (or warm water) to form a thick paste,add 1tsp of argan oil and apply the paste all over your body and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat skin dry with a towel.
    • Put a few drops of argan oil on your palm and apply to the root of your hair, if your have a dry skin use argan oil to moisturize it.
    • To complete the treatment, drink water to re-hydrate your body.

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